iTalkBB TV is a Video-On-Demand streaming platform with a focus on high-quality Chinese language content, from TV shows to movies, from UGC to Original Content. The platform serves website, mobile app, and set-top tv box users. The website and the mobile apps have about 200K weekly active users.
Working as the Creative Marketing Associate, I designed TV show and movie banners/thumbnails for the front page of the platform. Through enhancing the overall visual experience, these creatives helped users quickly find content they want to watch and improved user engagement.
There are always new shows and movies coming out. As a result, these creatives are time-sensitive and have to be updated weekly or even daily. With more than 150 slots to update, one of the main challenges was to find a design formula that is both effective and efficient.
With rapid A/B testing and data analysis, three key visual factors were identified: 
1) Show title placement: users like consistency so that they know when to look for the show title.
2) Appearance of the actors/actresses: users are more attracted to faces than scenes.
3) Contrast: designs with a high contrast are more favored.
After incorporating these principles in the design, the performance of the banners and thumbnails improved significantly. A process was also established to streamline the process from asset collecting to design delivering.
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